Christian Siriano SS 2012

If you don’t know who this is you, my darling, were obviously living under a ROCK! Christian Siriano got all of his fame or whatever from the TV show Project Runway. Although I did see potential in him, I never really thought of him as a real designer maybe it was because he came off a reality show, and that made everything less legitimate. I don’t know I can’t really pin down why I didn’t really think of him as a true designer, but this fashion show proved me wrong I think he has AMAZING designs! 

I read that he likes to be exaggerated and use tons of tulle and things of this nature, but when the show started I loved the long skirts paired with simple shirts they look so effortlessly glamorous with a bit of a cool factor added to them, and yes there was tulle, but not in an exaggerated way in my opinion, and anyways isn’t fashion supposed to be a dream and be over the top? Doesn’t that just show that you’re passionate? I thought it was a pretty GREAT collection! Kudos Mr. Siriano kudos for making me believer of your work!

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  1. I thought the same thing you did. I never really payed attention to his past collections. All I knew is that he was known for making dramatic gowns but this collection really blew me away! I absolutely loved the fitted maxi skirts! Loved the way it was styled!
    xx Allie


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