The Cray Cray Kleptomaniac Strikes Again

I'm just here taking in my daily dose of fashion doing what I do, when I see this link that says something about the former Rachel Zoe stylist, Taylor Jacobson aka cray cray kleptomaniac that left the doors wide open for Brad, is getting her own reality show! what!? WHAAAT!? Why? wha whe ughhhh. SPEECHLESS! I am left speechless by the news! 

Apparently she is requesting tickets for NYFW, can you imagine Rachel Zoe, Brad Goreski, and the kleptomaniac known as Taylor Jacobson at the same fashion show?

Ughhh Brad and Rachel should just make up already, and tackle her in the middle of the Carolina Herrera fashion show!

lol I have the most random rants on this earth, but oh well my blog, my opinion gets sprayed on everyone who comes in.

What do you think about this piece of news? Don't care (why are at my blog) Think its fair that she gets a second chance (leave this blog NOW!) If you agree with me (I love you stick around)

I kid I kid I love every single one of my 138 readers!

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