The Evolution of Men

I loved Michael Bastian's Spring/Summer 2012 collection so much that I was craving his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, which apparently there wasn't one. Why I have no idea, but ugh I was really craving it! So I ventured on to, which I don't do a lot, and just clicked on links that I found interesting.

After reading I have no idea how many I was fascinated by how menswear has evolved over the years or not so much evolved, because Lord knows that men are still wearing lots of the classics. Because menswear evolves at a very slow pace women's fashion evolves faster, I mean look back some years ago and women's fashion has probably changed drastically, while menswear has changed, its not as drastic. 

Though the sloth pace evolution of menswear is interesting, what I was really interested in was how reading these articles about streetstyle, menswear bloggers, and just being on a site like GQ which is dedicated to menswear I realized what distinction menswear has gained over the years. Along with its evolution it has become a force and gained recognition, because when people think fashion they usually think skinny models, catty attitudes, and women. That is what people invision, but menswear has been put on more of a pedestal, and normal everyday people are acknowledging that menswear also esxists in the fashion realm, and someone might be thinking like "OMG I didnt know this guy was cray cray", but Im not I promise not really, I mean of course people know menswear exists, but I'm talking about Fendi or Dolce and Gabbana or Gucci most people think women'swear when they hear these brands, but now with Milan Fashion week for menswear and Paris Fashion Week, and now there is going to be a London Fashion Week for menswear
people are recognizing and learning that there is another higher scale menswear side of fashion. I mean there are menswear blogs and streetstyle dedicated to menswear, there is a menswear Anna Dello Russo A.K.A. Nick Wooster roaming the streets of all these fashion weeks, need I say more?

Menswear has always been woman'swear sort of shunned shy sibling, but now its gaining a voice, and making its self known. Which I love, because women'swear is amazing, but as a guy or Ill just say it a MAN (yes that's right I'm a man bitches!) I love seeing something on a guy and then trying to copy it or looking through a Thom Browne lookbook and hunting down similar pieces or having them custom made. Basically menswear is good for everybody even the girls, because who doesn't love a girl who can rock an amazing tailored suit? (everyone loves them girls, EVERYONE!)

To sum everything up, if you are a guy get ready for the slow yet amazing ride that is menswear, oh and Fall/Winter 2012 is as Bryan Boy said the year of the suite, so suite up! 

P.S. I want to know what you guy's favorite menswear brand is or what your favorite collection for F/W 2012 is.

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