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Looking through Gawker, I ran into the MOST A=MA-ZING article the title of the article, "The Brant Brothers: The World’s Luckiest Teenage Homosexuals" and its very true. I have had the Brant brothers on my radar for such a LOONG time I mean how can you not? they are the most fashionably connected teens on this earth, they are everywhere! Openly gay Peter Brant II and his (according to gawker potentially gay) younger brother Harry Brant are the sons of  billionaire Peter Brant Sr and supermodel Stephanie Seymour. They are complete and total perfection.

I was bombarded by the Brant brothers today, Harry wrote some anecdotes of when he was at couture fashion week for Fashionista, then I found them on Cityfile, and on Gawker. I mean this was a message from God, I had to write about the two most amazing gay brothers on this earth.

The fashion universe has tons and tons of teenage socialite girls that are front row at every single fashion show, and at every party, but I mean there are never really any guys, that is until the Brant brothers became THE BRANT BROTHERS! They are everywhere, and talking to absolutely EVERYONE. I say more power to them, they should enjoy the connections and money that they have been so graciously awarded with. 

Harry and Peter Brant one of my new obsessions, check

P.S. who is you favorite brother? I like how daring Peter is when it comes to fashion, but Harry has an amazing sense of style. ugh #Fashionobsessedguyproblems
Screw Kurt Hummel these are the gays everyone needs to be paying attention to!
P.P.S For Harry's lol worthy anecdote for Fashionista click HERE

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  1. "They are complete and total perfection" -- WHAT? Please, for the love of humanity, recognize these spacey, vacuous, and self-righteous dolts for what they really are. They've had fashion (as well as everything else) spoon-fed to them over silver plates. Anyone who uses the word "like" as often as they do has nothing of worth to contribute in any form. When you outgrow your awkward teenage years you'll look back on these twats and laugh... or at least I hope so, for your sake.


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