The Wild Wild West

It was just recently brought to my attention how amazing Wildfox LookBooks are! They transport you to a different time and place with their settings and stylings. I love the air of celebration of youth and fun that is so tangible in the pictures, as if one were never going to grow old and boring. 

This is their Spring/Summer 2012 LookBook, but their Spring/Summer 2011 LookBook was also breathtaking with its Marie Antoinette theme I actually used some of the pictures from that lookbook for my Princess Obsession post. I just feel like Wiz Khalifa's Young, Wild, and Free was playing in the background while these pictures were being taken.


P.S. Pictures from Fashion Odor

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  1. You might not believe me but I was listening to that exact song when I opened your blog and saw these awesome pictures! And you are right these pictures ARE amazing


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