Gucci Pre Fall 2012

I have no idea if I am going to write about this collection, because I love Gucci and Frida Giannini so much I feel obligated to love this collection or because I actually do in fact think its amazing (the no judging zone starts here)

It took me a while to find my favorite six outfits, but I am happy with them, this collection I must admit was not AMAZING, it was rather OK and sort of lackluster, but none the less if you didn't know Frida Giannini can do no wrong in my eyes. Minimalist or not I can never pass over amazing gloves, and loose fits from Giannini.

Do you love or hate this collection or are you like me and just have to like it because you're that awesome?

P.S. My bipolar mind just made me take a billionth look at the pictures, and the collection isn't that bad actually I might hate it tomorrow or next week (its a usual thing for me), but right now I say this collection is good enough to deserve a place on my favorite Pre Fall collections list.

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