And Alexander McQueen it Was !!!

 Today was the big day! Catherin and William finally got married (YaY), and her dress was AMAZING! Yes it was Alexander McQueen, it was made very closely by Sarah Burton, and Catherin Middleton. This dress was no joke it was custom made, and everything had to be PERFECT! The outcome definitely shows the perfect craftsmanship that was used to make this astounding gown. The dress was made in silk, and its train was 2.7 meters long, and placed on her head was the Cartier Halo Tiara, that was given to her by the queen herself! This dress is a sum up of everything modern royalty should be. It reminds me of when Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

After the ceremony Catherine change from her lovely custom made Alexander McQueen gown into another Alexander McQueen dress this one was also made of silk with a sparking waistband, and a mohair cardigan ton top. Its a bit more modern and young than the first dress, but she still looks super elegant! (Picture at the bottom)


  1. She looked absolutely stunning!
    xx Allie

  2. I know !!! She looked great the next day too which is AMAZING !!!


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