Dont Know What to Wear ?

 Although new clothes are great. Sometimes you just have to work with what you already have. I have, well a fair amount of clothes, plus I have a twin brother and he also has a fair share of clothes (I have more really xD), and we share stuff so together we have lots of different things, but sometimes I look at my closet and ugh! I just want to cry cause I have seen everything before and I just feel like I have nothing to wear! In those situations I like to get inspired and see what I can mix and match to make something that I might have worn before different, and better. I like to go to LookBook, and see what people are wearing and try to get inspired I also like to look at fashion editorials, magazines or just people on the street you can get inspired by whatever you see. So if one day you have an “OMG I have nothing to wear” panic attack try going on LookBook or flip through a fashion magazine something is bound to come up. :) Above are some of the looks on LookBook that I liked, Hope you like them too.
Traducciòn: A pesar de que la ropa nueva es como LO MEJOR! A veces sólo tienes que trabajar con lo queya tienes. Yo tengo, una buena cantidad de ropa, además de que tengo un hermano gemelo y también tieneuna cantidad equitativa de ropa (no yo tengo más la verdad xD), y a veces compartimos la ropa así que juntos tenemos un montón de cosas diferentes, pero a veces miro en mi armario y ugh! Me dan ganas de llorar porque ya he visto todo antes y siento como si no tuviera nada que ponerme! En estas situaciones, me gusta inspirarme y ver lo que puedo mezclar y combinar para hacer algo que ya había usado antes, diferente y mejor. Me gusta ir a LookBook, y ver lo que la gente está usando y tratar de inspirarme, también me gusta mirar editoriales de moda, revistas o simplemente a la gente en la calle. Pueden inspirarse por lo que sea que vean. Así que si un día tienen un ataque de pánico de "OMG no tengo nada que ponerme" intenten ir a LookBook o hojear una revista de moda, algo se les va a ocurrir. :) Arriba están algunos de los outfits en LookBook que me gustaron, espero les gusten a ustedes también.

P.S. All pictures from LOOKBOOK.NU


  1. You have a twin brother? Lucky! That's like double closet. Haha. I like your idea incorporating LookBook. If you like, you can try mine?

    I have about 5 huge, organized file folders full of pictures I ripped from mags. How mine works: 1 file for casual, 1 file for dressy (night/formal), 1 file for professional (workwear). These 3 files only contains the pieces that I already have (exactly the same or copy, either way). The other two files are filled with pieces or ensemble that I am yet to get for myself. So anytime I go "I have nothing to weaaaarrrr!" I just pull a file folder and get inspired. :)

    If I was super organized I'd arrange them by colours...but that is too overwhelming. Haha. xo

  2. lol OMG !!! you are like really organized compaired to what I do I just randomly go on lookbook, and see what I like or go on Fashion Gone Rogue xD

  3. I used to be disorganized too, but it takes way too much time to be disorganized! Never heard of Fashion Gone Rogue...definitely googling that now. ;)

  4. Fashion Gone Rogue is where I get most of the fashion editorials I love !!! You should totally go there its AMAZING !!! ;)


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