The Inspirational 1920s

I am obsessed with the 20s period in time! Not just the fashion which ughh is BEYOND, but the whole idea of the era like jazz, baseball, money , flappers, and  the bob! So many countless AMAZING things happened during this period of time. I have always been quite obsessed with the 1920s, but the reason why I decided to write about them today though is because all day I have had an amazing Gucci Spring/Summer 2012 dress in my mind and all I kept saying to myself was OMG that would be such a perfect flapper dress! Since Frida Giannini's collection was so influenced by the 1920s I thought I would commemorate this amazing time in the history of the world with a collage.

Everything changed during the 1920s, traditions were left behind lipstick was introduced for women Coco Chanel was the essence that fueled the fashion scene in the 1920's! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 1920s! I mean how can you not?

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