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I am obsessed with The Rachel Zoe Project! Its so good, plus it has some A-MA-ZING fashion! I actually had to go back and see everything back from the Taylor days since its not really popular in Colombia, why? That question is SOOOOO beyond me. I would read all the fucking subtitles for Rachel if I had to! 

Today while browsing through all the fashion goodness that I missed on Fashionista over the past days I found this interview with Jeremiah. He talked about everything, I chuckled at the comment he made about his mother telling him he dressed like a homeless lesbian, I hadn't seen it before, but now that is has been brought to my attention his mom is so right! He does dress like a homeless lesbian! Although really he can wear anything the man is BEYOND GORGEOUS!

I mean people don't walk down the street and say OMG she/he is so hot, but ewwww look at what they are wearing. You were probably picturing them in more compromising positions that did not include clothes. I kid I kid I am totally sure my readers would never ever dare have such thoughts in their mind.

The interview is below, ENJOY

How did you get into interior design?
I have always loved interior design and furniture for as long back as I can remember. I used to love touring open houses (complete dork). In my early twenties, I decided I wanted to try and build the furniture I couldn’t seem to find anywhere, from there it was a natural progression. Little jobs for clients turned into their homes and the next thing I knew, I had a successful design business.

Why did you want to get into styling?
I have always LOVED fashion, and have such admiration for designers. It’s really the only form of art, aside from interiors, that you live your life in. When I heard about a position opening up at Rachel’s firm, I thought, here’s my chace to try something completely new and exciting. I had just turned 25, and felt as though something was missing. Lucky for me, Mandana Dayani put her neck on the line and believed I could do the job.
Who are some of your favorite designers?
That’s so hard! I LOVE Rick Owens, Dior, Balenciaga, Band of Outsiders, Ralph Lauren Black Label, love me some All Saints of course. The ongoing joke is something my mom said once to me: “Jeremiah, I just don’t understand why you pay so much money to look like a homeless lesbian.” HAHA
What did you think when Rodger fired you?
I was definitely shocked. I really believed I was going into that meeting and having a completely different conversation. That being said, I know that this is a business at the end of the day there has to be a return to every investment. I have also aways known that respect isn’t something that’s given, it’s earned. I was willing to keep working and show them I could do anything they needed from me.
What is your role now at Rachel Zoe? It’s been a little unclear…
Essentially I am Rachel’s Home/Design Authority… anything interior design, home related. You have to wait and see what that means exactly in the future…:
How long did it take you to organize Skyler’s closet?
I actually owe that to Kendall Cohan and Marissa who organized that whole thing. Those girls could build you a mall and organize a parade to go though it if you needed. I couldn’t have done it without them. I came in after and cried about all the clothes I wished I could stretch to fit me. I mean, he has “options”!
Do you really have to have no life outside of work to be a part of the Rachel Zoe team?
No, No. The great thing about working for Rachel and Rodger is that you LOVE every single second of what your doing. Even the stressful moments. The pace is addictive. Throw in the great people that we get to work with and it’s by far the best working environment I have ever been a part of.
Not to mention…I had no social life before working with Rachel….so i can’t blame her now. She’s always trying to get me to go out and on dates.
Was it weird seeing yourself on TV? Did watching the show change your perspective at all on the experience?
Yes of course its been weird! I compare it to listening to your voice on a voice recording. You think, “That’s not how I sound.” TV is times a thousand. I remember watching the first time and going, “wait….uuughh” The great part is that what you are is what you get. Everyone is just being themselves.
Will we be seeing you in season five?
Stay tuned..

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