Olivia Palermo Makes Me laugh

Ever since Olivia Palermo's blog came out I have been reading it, and it’s actually pretty good. She writes often, well not her exactly since she has a team of writers, but the blog is updated at a good pace. She is so beating Brad Goreski's blog in my book! 

I went to her blog today and started reading a post titled: Pixie Market – New York City, the first thing it said was "You know that girl you always see in the elevator – at the Ace – on the train, who always looks so fashion-y in an ‘I just threw this on’ sort of way.  The one who, sure, might have the coolest wardrobe ever, but who, you tell yourself, must have some sort of diagnosed personality disorder, collect potatoes or perform skits with her cats?" I kid you not I could not stop laughing! I totally played that scene out in my head and it was HILARIOUS! Not only is her blog funny, and kept up to date, but it actually has good info for example, I didn’t know that Franca Sozzani had a sister, and that her sister was the creator of 10 Corso Como! YES I KNOW, THE SOZZANI SISTERS OFFICIALLY RULE THE ITALIAN HEMISPHERE OF FASHION! I also didn’t know how the first ever NYFW got started and that you didn’t even need an invitation to go in! Actually the woman who made it all happen Eleanor Lambert had to pay editors from small lifestyle magazines to come watch the shows! Can you believe it? People now days kill for those invites! Oh how things change.

Back to the point of the post, Olivia Palermo's blog is GREAT! If you have not gone, first of all who are you? And you should feel ashamed! Second YOU MUST GO THERE NOW!

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