The Kid Section is Over There

Yesterday my father called me and we had a spur of the moment dessert at Crepes with my sister, and then we decided to give Zara a little visit. I went in expecting to find some great things, but then I saw IT! I can’t even describe it very well it’s a jacket, but then the collar is made from a different material, and IT HAS ELBOW PATCHES! Yes it truly is as perfect as it sounds.

BEWARE: The pictures do not do it any justice it looks weird from behind, but you can still tell its A-M-A-ZING!
BEAUTIFUL no? The only EFFING problem with this otherwise perfect jacket is that it’s on the man section of the store. Yes the grown up man the “my voice is deeper than half of the men in here, and I have hair EVERWHERE" type of man ventures into this section. You might be thinking to yourself so? I mean I am sure that the small fits you perfectly. I actually left out some crucial information, I shop at Zara KIDS! Yes kids, children, little ones whatever you want to call it that is my section so I would have to get this amazing jacket altered if I did buy it. I know it’s sad being small at certain moments in ones life.

It’s funny because whenever I go to Zara my brother hates to accompany me. Cause while I’m looking through the kids section just focusing on the clothes and such I never really notice I am in the midst of 12, 13, and 14 year old boys picking out what they want with their parents. My brother tends to stand by me and wait around while I work around the children or I’m sorry around the “youth”. I never really notice them I am just there for the clothes not for the parent dependant prepubescent boys, I actually love looking bigger than them usually everyone is bigger than me, so I sort of have those “aha” moments when I am taller than somebody. Oh yeah am I the coolest 17 year old out there or WHAT?

P.S. For more info on the jacket click HERE

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