Rachel Zoe and The Coveteur

I hadn't been on my blog in three days, and yes I was starting to feel that my blog and I were growing apart. I mean the relationship between a young adult and his fashion blog is one that must be taken care of, unless you want to be one of those kids that have a social life and like to go out, ughh the simple thought of it repulses me (if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm YOU NEED HELP!).As I checked The Coveteur I screamed a silent prolonged scream when I saw that The Coveteur and WhoWhatWear teamed up to get a closer look at Rachel Zoe's offices. She has the most amazing things! I died for those vintage Gucci ash trays! I would so pick up smoking just to have them around! Yes they actually are THAT fabulous.

P.S. Pictures from The Coveteur

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