Where Do You Stand?

RTW or accessories, which are more important? I really don’t have a lot of jewelry; I care more about the actual clothes than if I have a ring or bracelet on. I had been reading lots of interviews with Elle’s Kyle Anderson, and he mentioned that he thought accessories were more important than actual RTW. He said that when he saw somebody wearing something absolutely fabulous it was usually from Zara. The point being save your money on RTW it doesn’t matter what brand it is as long as you look AMAZING in it, and spend your money on accessories such as watches, purses, and things of that sort.

My question is where do you stand? Do you think RTW is more important regardless of what brand it is? Would you be happier spending your money on a Chanel tweed jacket or on an amazing Rolex? At this point I really can’t say which I would rather choose since I do not own a Chanel tweed jacket or a Rolex.

Although as I think about it a bit more I agree with Kyle Anderson, I go into Zara and stores of that sort that aren’t these “look at me, I’m rich stores”, but that they have amazing clothes, and then you save your money and buy one timeless amazing watch, and you have an accessory that you wont want to take off, its timeless, and will last FOR EVAH! I mean at the end of the day it’s your style you could be wearing Louis Vuitton or Urban Outfitter, but you would make each one your own by styling it with whatever you like. I do think accessories should be where you spend your real money and RTW can wait, if you have the money go for it if not embrace vintage and stores that have clothes that you like at prices you can afford, and make them your own.

Moral of this post: You can look like a million bucks wearing your brother’s hand me downs as long as you feel like a million bucks while you’re wearing them! Also accessories are where it’s at!

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