Penniless Yet in Louis Vuitton

I just watched Beyonce's new music video 'Party', and I have to say as I watched it the little wheels in my head started turning, and all I could see was I how much I loved the contrast of what she was wearing compared to where actually she was.

I loved how she was mowing the lawn in a yellow fur jacket or how she was just sitting in a chair at night with cat eye glasses! I swear I saw some shots of her editorial for Dazed and Confused in there, which  really had the same theme of extreme luxury in the most random whole in the wall/dirty places. I LOVE IT!

Did you love it? the contrast between the clothes and her ghetto downtown setting I mean since I barely paid attention to the song, but since its Beyonce I am sure its going to rock I am already addicted to her song love on top! Let it be known that when she sang it at the VMAs I had never heard it before. Now I cant get enough of it!

Here is the editorial she did for Dazed and Confused, right that some of the shots from the video are from here? I AM NOT CRAY CRAY PEOPLE! Any way this editorial is BEYOND, so simply let your eyes indulge in the breath taking contrast that is Queen B in a trailer park wearing Givenchy acting as though she didn't have a care in the world, and were right at home.

P.S. Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue

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