Junya Watanabe's Perfect Trench Coat

As I scrolled and filtered out today's Paris Fashion Week shows I came across Junya Watanabes, and to tell you the truth I didn’t even really know the brand, but in the back of my mind a memory lit up that I might have once reblogged a picture of a past collection on Tumblr.

I decided to check out the collection, because who knows maybe I’d love it. Not to my surprise I didn’t exactly love it, except for the bolero jacket with ruffled sleeves I didn’t think I would find much else that I liked. That is until I saw it, and by it I mean the as Style.com puts it "the trench coat reappeared as a coat/dress/cape hybrid". I COULD NOT! I mean they were so perfect! What they had to do with the ruffled bolero jackets and the lace/tablecloth dresses I HAVE NO IDEA, but I am glad they were in this collection THEY ARE COMPLETE AND TOTAL PERFECTION! Don’t you think?

Yes, except for the shoes in the first picture the rest of them are simply horrid, but on the bright side from the sheens up and from the neck down its pure perfection. I am so glad you noticed I’m an optimist.

P.S. Pictures from Style.com

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