Nothing Beats Vogue's Glossy Pages

I read Olivia Palermo's interview for Exposed Zippers, and after I was done with it I looked for other interesting interviews to read about. I found ex Vogue Filipa Fino's interview, and I read something that not until recently makes me cringe every time I read about it.

Fino said this in her interview, "I knew that the internet was the future. Magazines, as I knew and loved, would soon cease to exist. A very strong feeling came over me that my daughters would not be reading the paper pages of Vogue." I hadn’t really had a problem with this before, but recently I have started thinking, I want to be a fashion editor one day I am going to go to school for this and only this because it’s what I’m passionate about, but what if magazines do become outdated? What if people only have a blurred memory of a fashion magazine that they think started with V, and nothing else? I mean could a fashion magazine such as Vogue really be reduced to a blur in somebody’s mind?

The internet is great, and if it weren’t for the internet I would have never known what I wanted to do with myself for the rest of my life, and I am going to be forever thankful to blogs and the people running them and the internet for educating me on fashion when I couldn’t buy fashion magazines. Never the less I want to work at a magazine, I love my blog I mean it’s my baby and I make sure I feed it at least once every day. Don’t get me wrong blogs and the internet are very important especially now a days, but I don’t want to work on a blog my whole life. It would be amazing to be an editor and have a blog on the side because people may want to know what I think on a certain matter and not what the magazine I work at thinks about the same matter. If given the opportunity to go to school to study fashion merchandising or fashion journalism and then go on to work at a magazine or become a very successful blogger I would still probably vote for becoming as Bryan Boy puts it a "coffee runner". I want/must work at Vogue or Elle or at some fashion magazine, which simply transports me to a world I long to know and love and away from wherever it is I find myself. 

If magazines are to become part of the past, and to be lessened by the internet what are people like me supposed to do with ourselves? I really hope it doesn’t come to that, the internet and magazines are equally important. They report the same things on different platforms and to different people, why must we look to make one more important than the other?

P.S. For Filipa Fino's interview click HERE for Olivia Palermo's click HERE

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