Back To Black

This post is a tad bit overdue; NO I did not JUST find out that Amy Winehouse is dead. The reason for this post is that ever since I heard the sad news I can’t get Back to Black out of my head! My sister and I are OBESSESED! 

Today as I heard it over and over I thought why not make a collage? So I did, the thing about me is that I get a billion pictures to try to make one collage. I want to fit every single picture that I found interesting and that fit the theme of the collage in it. Sadly I also hate when a collage looks like it has a bit too much going on. 

I decided to keep this collage simple, even though I did want to put every single picture I found on it. There just wasn’t enough space nor could I arrange everything in a way that made my eyes have multiple orgasms. 

Alas this is what I ended up with, I quite love it! It’s my new screen background, do you like it? What song are you addicted to lately?

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