I Really Dont Understand!

Everyone wants to be AMAZING when they are small and really all throughout their lives (at least I do). What if you actually got the chance to be it? What if at 10 years old you got to be on vogue and you got to wear couture? 

Would you love it? Or would you hate it? I am assuming most of you are screaming “OFCOURSE I WOULD LOVE IT!" at your computer screens right now. I know I know we all would, but the funny thing is that this girl Thylane Blondeau actually got that chance! She got to be on Vogue! She has also done a ton of other things and quite frankly she is ABSOLUTY STUNNING! 

My question is: why is everybody so crazy about this girl? Not the good type of crazy like "Justin Bieber" crazy, like OMG I love her she is AMAZING! That’s what you would expect, but no ... no instead she and her family are getting slammed about why she was on Vogue and what type of parents she has a bunch of other things. 

WHY!? She is 10 and she looks 10,000 times better than what you did when you were that age, jealous? GET OVER IT! That girl deserves to be on Vogue, just let her have her moment let her be happy! It’s not everyday a 10 year old is in the worlds most influential fashion magazine.

You might not care or you might think I am crazy; but that is my opinion and I LOVED THAT EDITORIAL! I even wrote about it on HERE. IT WAS AMAZING!

Isn’t she AMAZING? Deal with it! I 100% support you! You amazing 10 year old model, WORK IT!

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