Daphne Guinness: Undressed

I LOVE ME SOME  DAPHNE GUINNESS! I just think that she truly and absolutely understands what fashion is meant for; fashion is meant to be explored and tried there is no wrong or right. 

When you wake up in the morning and visualize what you want to wear it doesn’t matter how outlandish it might be if in your eyes that is the perfect outfit for that day then go for it. We are too safe with how we carry out our lives at time, and I sort of love the rush that I get from the looks that people give me when I am not wearing something “normal”. Mind you that I dress pretty normally just that I add certain twits to things.

Fashion is armor fashion is expression fashion is what YOU SAY IT IS! That is why I love Daphne Guinness though she is shy at times she lets fashion be bold for her, AMAZING! 

Daphne Guinness: Undressed on Nowness.com.

Didn’t you love that silver sort of hand/arm armor? ughhhh LOVE!

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