Keep Calm and Wear an AMAZING Suite

I love Jesse Eisenberg's calm look in all of these pictures, like if random explosions were a normal part of his hectic day. 

PLUS ARENT THOSE SUITS BEYOND? I love the tie in the second picture it’s so preppy, LOVE!

 If you didnt see the giant GQ at the bottom right corner of every picture well then you might not know this, but the pictures are from GQ


  1. wow i like special effects of pictures .... specially the fish jups in air ....

  2. santi darling this is your sister and umm honey you totally forgot to write on your blog how much we are obssesed with his bone structure ever since we saw him on SNL... Im having fun with Eli.. also I just saw austin Powers :) Love ya see you tomorrow for more GG <3


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