Katy Perry + Dior Haute Coture = DISASTAH!

Feast your eyes on the horror that is Dior's Haute Couture collection in action! I didn’t really love the clothes from collection, but I thought the head pieces were fun and very Anna Dello Russo. 

As I watched the VMAs last night my mind completely changed! Katy Perry looked super uncomfortable and she had to walk up to the stage super slow because of the HUGE CUBE ON HER HEAD! 

I tried I really did try to like this collection, but seeing it in action last night made me realize there is no saving it! It just sort of sucked and we have to live with it and move on. Now if Marc Jacobs was designing for Dior the story would be different, I kid I kid, but I wonder Marc Jacobs, Dior there have been so many rumors we will just have to wait it out, which you know ALWAYS ROCKS!



  1. lovely shoes .......

  2. My thoughts exactly. I was wondering what the heck she was wearing! Definitely not cute.
    xx Allie


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