Yoü and I

Everyone has probably already seen this video about a billion times (I know I have). Although I have no idea how the song translates into that video, I have to admit that I’ve been very addicted to this song lately! It’s basically all I hear.

I would make it my ringtone and my alarm sound thingy, but I have noticed that whenever I like a song and it becomes my ringtone and/or alarm sound thingy I start to not like it all of a sudden. Yes I know you are all dying to learn these random facts about me.

soooooo here it is the official video for Yoü and I. I hope you become quite fond of it, because it really truly is a great song!


  1. I am a huge loving fan of this song (and also the video). the creative minds of the Gaga crew is just indescribable. and I know what you mean. You love it but if you listen to it too much, it just becomes another lame song. That's why I stop listening to the songs that I love after I listened to them ten times in one day.


  2. so sweet song ..........


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