Objects My Wrists Lust For

I am not super big on accessories, when I say accessories I don’t mean like scarf’s and stuff like that because I think those sorts of things are more like essentials. When I say accessories what I mean is stuff like jewelry, it can make or break an outfit for sure, but I just don’t have much of it nor do I feel the need to have more.

Today I decided to go to GQ since I hadn’t been in QUITE SOME TIME, and I found this bracelet article. I loved these two bracelets from the article, and they don’t really feel like jewelry to me they feel like something that I could wear every single day.

I have no idea why I feel this way towards jewelry; I mean I would love one big chunky watch and nothing else I like to experiment more with clothes and less with that certain aspect of the fashion universe. Although every once in a while a ring or bracelet or something will show up that I just can’t ignore.

Do you love them?

What is your view on jewelry?

You can find the first braclet HERE and the second one HERE

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  1. hye i like jewelry very much theses bracelet r so unique and beautiful .... i like red that's awesome ......


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