The Perfect Coffee Table Book

A table coffee book that consists of various images that Terry Richardson took of Lady GaGa while he followed her around for 10 months! UMMM YES PLEASE! 

The book is supposed to come out on September 22! The buzz about the book is SUPER exciting since Richardson had full access to Lady GaGa for 10 full months! The outcome is 350 black and white AND colored pictures of anything and everything Lady GaGa did or was involved with.

The best part you ask? “Nothing was off limits” doesn’t that just make you even more intrigued I mean Lady GaGa is pretty limitless. My questions are the following: What is in this book!? And Can I please buy one RIGHT FUCKING NOW?

This is such a great idea, because even if you don’t like Lady GaGa you must admit her life must be pretty hectic/interesting/AMAZING! I CANT WAIT!

 Are you guys super excited too? or NOT?

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  1. I have to say that I'm pretty curious about this book :)


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