Giambattista and The One Bride

Oh yes Couture Fashion has started, and yes it is quite amazing! I am not even going to go into the Christian Dior thing much, all I will say is that I thought there were too many themes or ideas and they changed very abruptly on the runway, but I will say that I DID LOVE THE GEOMETRICAL SHAPES on the models HEADS! They were so Anna Dello Russo, for your information I shall not mention the name Christian Dior on this post AGAIIN!

This post is dedicated to the couture collections I have loved so far. I was actually so happy that Giambattista Valli did NOT DISSPOINT! It was amazing, and I also loved all the white in Givenchy's collection! 

While it is true that I loved all the white in Givenchy's collection, I actually only fell head over heels for one dress. Does it make any sense to love most of the elements of a collection such as the colors and the sheerness and the length of the dresses, but then not love the dresses themselves? Well that’s what happened to me with Givenchy's couture collection, if that makes any sense, maybe I will do a one hit wonder post in which Ill write about the collections in which I only liked one thing out of the whole collection. Thankfully Givenchy's collection only had like 10 looks so it wasn’t like I liked one dress out of like 43 or anything like that.

Now that I have rambled on enough about that, we can get to the subject at hand Giambattista Valli's Fall/Winter 2011 Couture Collection ...... MESMERIZING!

Giambattista Valli
I was actually nervous for Giambattista Valli for his debut couture collection, why I was worried no idea, but there was nothing to worry about all along. Mr Valli did an AMAZING job with this collection I loved the white and the black and the pink or red I’m not sure, whatever color it was I LOVED IT! It just had so many elements that make other collections great, all rolled into one. I mean the tweed reminds me of Chanel, that pink or red color reminds me of Lanvin, the beading reminds of Valentino, the black and white flower print reminds me of Oscar de La Renta or Carolina Herrera, and the animal print reminds me of Dolce&Gabana! I’m not saying he copied them I’m just saying that those elements are very them, and Mr Valli rolled all of those key elements from all those other fashion houses up into one AMAZING collection, and he twisted them and changed them in order to make them truly Giambattista Valli material, and I LOVED IT! (Trying to word things a certain way so that people don’t think I think that Giambattista Valli stole other people’s ideas or anything like that. In my opinion those elements remind me of those fashion houses, but then again I might be crazy for all you know, ok?)


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  1. Love, love, love Valli! He has become one of my absolute favorite designers!
    xx Allie


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