The Doctor Orderd Lots of Peas!

Dying! I AM DYING! OR NOT! Ok so maybe I am not, but I am sick which you know ALWAYS tends to rock. I was actually getting a lot better a few days ago, but yesterday my sister and I had to run an errand so off we went to do it. 

The walk was very pleasant. We talked and laughed and whatever, when out of no where rain starts pouring! When I say pouring I don’t mean like ughhh rain oh well lets walk anyway. NO ... NO I mean like my sister and I were the only people on the street with out umbrellas, and there was barely anyone outside because of said rain. 

We finally managed to get our errand done, and on our way back I told my sister, "I hope it keeps on raining so that when we get home we can take a nice scalding shower and mother can make us some hot coco". My sister agreed with me, but of course on our way back the sun started shining, and we noticed we weren’t quite as wet anymore.

When I witnessed this horror I suggested that we should jump in every puddle we see so that we look wet, abandoned, and in need of motherly love by time we get home. That didn’t really work out either.

Upon our arrival, our mother told us to take hot showers, and so we did. Then she actually scolded us and told us we should have left earlier. There was no hot coco just a tingle at the back of my throat that later grew into immense pain in my throat.

At this moment I am high on cough medicine, and all I can say is that I wish it were sunny outside, and that I really really want a PEACOAT! For this horrible weather we are having lately.

I tried to find more, but I sadly couldnt, and I really liked this one.

Dont you?


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