Family and the City

Without a wrinkle in sight, the stunning 46 year old covers Vogue's August issue! The interview I read made me love her even more then I already did! She is a working mom, and yet some how she manages to have time to be, and look FABULOUS! She is a true fashion icon, and I loved the part of the interview when they are having lunch, and she decides to look around and notices that "Around us in the restaurant, Parker’s presence creates a sort of low-level celebrity static. Everyone sits up a little straighter and sparkles a little brighter, as though her star wattage has lit them up too" ughhhhh LOVE! Plus she seems so down to earth, and ready to face whatever comes her way. She really truly is inspiring! Weather she is a woman who loves fashion and writes a column about sex or a fabulous working mom that tries to balance everything out or just herself, there shall always be a place in my heart for the never ending wonderful person that is Sarah Jessica Parker!

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  1. What a wonderful spread! She looks stunning as always!
    xx Allie


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