Just Do It!

Yesterday, when I saw this image, I was in love! Since I am actually seeing Sex and the City, those 4 FABULOUS girls came to my mind at once; of course in this case there are a few more girls. I loved it! It reminded me of Sex and the City because there was such a difference in styles, colors, and likes in the picture, just like on the show! I wanted to post about it, but I thought "no two posts that close together, I just rather wait". Well wait I did, and this morning I woke up to I don’t know how many people commenting on the picture, about how much they loved it, and I even saw some blog posts about the picture.

I thought to myself, "Why didn’t I post this yesterday? I don’t want to post it now, and look like I didn’t know what to write about so I simply decided to copy these people". I learned a valuable life lesson today, JUST DO IT! So two posts were written one right after the other who cares? No one is going to sue me or anything right?

Since I had that revelation thanks to that picture, I thought it was a great idea to recap on the best dressed people off the runway during the couture shows. 

LOVED! These people REALLY know how to dress! 

P.S. You might notice a sort of black edge around the last pictures, and there’s a reason for that. The reason being that I found some of the most amazing pictures on Style.com, but I couldn’t copy them! Which sucked, I tried to find others, but none made my eyes feel full and satisfied like those did. So I decided to look up how to take a picture of your screen, and since I don’t have a Mac, which actually has a thing for that, I went and looked it up on Google.

I clicked on lots of sites and they all said the same thing, "click the print page button and then just copy it onto paint" it seemed easy enough, but IT WASN’T! I couldn’t find that damn button ANY WHERE! Then all of a sudden it hit me, OMG I live in Colombia this key board is in Spanish, and sure enough when I looked down, there it was the golden button just staring up at me, it had been under my nose the whole time! I then proceeded to print the pages, crop out everything, but the picture, resize it, and VIOLA! There you have it a finished product.

How easy this would have been if Style.com would have just let me do the old fashioned copy and paste! At least they made me learn something new

Sooooooo Thank You Style.com ...... I guess

P.P.S. Pictures from Style.com and STREETFSN


  1. These photos are all so beautiful.I love the first one.It reminds me of Carrie and the girls too :)

  2. Great pics. But the 1st is absolutely fantastic!


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