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I had no idea who Bambi or Stefani, that’s her real name; she then changed it to something cool like Bambi. Anyway I had no idea who she was. I started following Little Plastic Horses, and she was quite fond of Bambi, and after a while of seeing lots of her pictures I became quite fond of the Australian model myself. She is SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I have to say that I am quite obsessed with her perfect eyebrows! I have noticed that no matter what editorial she is in no matter what the theme of the editorial is or the clothes she has on I HAVE TO LOVE IT!

She also seems like such a calm and down to earth sort of person. Whenever I see her pictures it doesn’t matter if she is wearing a white tee-shirt and shorts our haute couture she always irradiates this go with the flow kind of energy that I LOVE!

sooooooo to sum this all up, I HEART BAMBI NORTHWOOD-BLYTH! <3

Do you? (The right answer is yes!)

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  1. She's beautiful! I love her eyebrows too!
    xx Allie


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