How Bipolar I Can Get

The reason why this post is titled how bipolar I can get is because I am super bipolar not really in the mental disease type of way more of in the I can go from loving something to hating it really fast. If I remember correctly the last post that I wrote in which I talked about Polyvore was titled “I am addicted”, the truth is I haven’t gone there in SUCH a long time. Today out of sheer boredom I decided to visit it again. I came up with this

Perfectly Smeared

Do you like it? I sort of stopped going to Polyvore mainly because whenever I went on it I really had no idea what to do. Maybe I didn’t really get the hang of it or something like that. 

For example, I really only started to like Tumblr a few months ago. I didn’t really like it before, and now I go to it once or twice a week. I think the images really inspire me. On the other hand I have friends who don’t get blogger, but love Tumblr. They say they dont like it because it’s hard to use. Personally I don’t think so, I LOVE IT! Its been super easy to use ever since the first day I started blogging.

Maybe my sudden cold shoulder towards Polyvore was because I didn’t know how to use it, or maybe it just wasn't for me. I just find it amusing that I actually said I was "addicted" to it before, and now it’s like Polyvore who!?

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