Custom Made!

I hadn’t done anything with Photoshop for a while so I decided to repeat the same picture over and over, do you like it? Well anyway going back to the title of the post, CUSTOM MADE! Yes the blazer that I am wearing in the picture is custom made, just for little old me! That’s why I am jumping for joy in the picture; not really, I actually hate taking pictures of myself. I always start to laugh and laugh and I can never ever take a serious shot, and then the person taking the picture (usually a friend or my sister) will start laughing like crazy and we don’t do anything. Thankfully my sister was half asleep when I asked her to take this picture, and as I was talking to myself (it’s usual) for some reason I jumped and that’s what came out. B  E  A  U  T  I  F  U  L! I say!

What the last picture is trying to depict is the S Salgado that is stitched on the inside of the blazer, since my name is Santiago Salgado. When I took the picture it looked sooooo GREAT! Like totally readable, and then when I posted it on here it turned into this. THORRY! Oh well you now know what it says, and that I have a brand new custom made navy blazer! 

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