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Remember that one contest I wanted to enter? The one with Nokia and Elle and NYFW, which I later found out that you had to be 18 to enter. (Oh yeah that day rocked!) Well I decided to go on their Facebook page just to see who the lucky 7 or 8 were who got picked and were going to go to NYFW in September. I actually never found out, which now that I think about it its actually great that I didn’t  cause now I cant  go mad with envy or anything like that since I don’t know who the said 7 or 8 are. INSTEAD of going mad with envy I was pleasantly surprised to have found these amazing blogging tips, I mean they are actually helpful and I agree with most of them.
 1. Pick a platform: We recommend Wordpress as it's easy to use and both images and text look amazing. Also with several themes to choose from you can have a stylish blog in moments. Posterous, Blogger, and Tumblr great (and free) too!  

2. Find your voice: what do you want to say? What do you want to share with your community? It's okay if you don't know yet start blogging and you will figure it out. A good way to start is to share anything that makes you go – "ooohhh!" Chances are if you find it exciting your friends and community will too! Also - remember, blog posts don't have to be novels – if you have a good photo or even something short and snappy to share, just post it!

3. Be Creative: think of why you read certain blogs – do they have great pictures? Interesting comments? How can you contribute in a similar way? Think about what you like to read or what your friends might pass along. Remember on your blog – whatever you find stylish is relevant!

4. Post Often: The best way to become a relevant voice in fashion is to talk about it – a lot! Try to write a post more days in a week than not and before you know it your pages will fill up. Even if you are commenting on someone else's content – keep the conversation going!

5. Spread the Word: post your new blog URL to your Facebook page and Twitter page – let your friends and family know that you are writing – ask for feedback and tips from people you know and from the larger community.

6. Once you're up and broadcasting content, get out there and engage! Commenting on others' blog posts, linking to content you like and generally being an active member of the fashion blogger community is probably the best advice we can give you to become super successful. Be awesome!

What did you think ??? Helpful or not ???

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