Why Dont I Love It?

WHY!? WHY!? Don’t I love Matthew Williamson’s first ever bridal collection!?

 I was super excited when Vogue Spain announced that the collection was officially launched! I clicked on the link as fast as I could, and then as I looked through the pictures my facial expression changed from an expectant smile to a question mark! I can’t put my finger on it; I just don’t like it for some reason.

 I didn’t want it to end just to see if I found something that I liked, but I couldn’t! I really tried to like it; alas it was a failed experiment. 

Don’t worry though Matthew, I still heart you! You are an amazing and very talented designer! There will be other collections :)


 Dear Mr. Williamson, 

 If there is another bridal collection somewhere in your mind it better live up to my expectations! No pressure. I kid Ikid, but really

 Love, me

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  1. Maybe you didn't like it because it was too casual? I liked the dresses with the feathers. Those were the best!
    xx Allie


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