Olivia Palermo is Going to Launch a Blog

As soon as I saw the news on Fashionista I knew I had to blog about it! When MTV gave birth to the now dead series The City, my life would FOREVER BE CHANGED! I found out who Olivia Palermo was! A socialite with an amazing sense of fashion who would later work at Elle and then later on I would find out who Joe Zee was! Yes ... Yes that series changed my life, and I loved it so! 

Confession: The fact that Olivia looked like a total bitch at times in the series was what made me love her even more!

I am super excited about the fact that she is going to launch her own blog! I mean she does so many things and has such great style that a blog written by her would be SUPER INTERESTING! 

Although I might be a tad bit too optimistic here I mean this could totally rock or she might write one post a year, which is exactly what I was a first hand witness to when I decided to  follow Brad Goreski's blog. Yeah he hasn’t EVER written in it again for like a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME!

 I hope she explores blogging and comes to love it so, that we can expect a daily post from her, of course I would understand like a weekly post or something like that since she actually has a life and she also has many things that need to get done, but snapping a picture of her outfit and saying what she did that day or explaining how she put that certain outfit together or telling us something funny that happened that week, should not take a long time. I HAVE FAITH IN YOU OLVIA! GO OUT BLOG, AND MAKE ME PROUD!

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  1. Can't wait to see/read her blog! And yes, I hope she posts more than Brad did.
    xx Allie


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