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I am always looking for any good advice that anyone, preferably someone who knows what they are talking about, has for someone else that wants to work in fashion some day. I always like to go to Fashionista's Career page! They actually have really really great advice. I found this while browsing through it. It made sense and it actually makes some great points, and offers some great advice.

Dear Chris,
My name is Emily and I’m a college freshman–I know I still have time when it comes to finding a future job but am also well aware of the importance of internships. I’m a journalism student and my dream is working in the fashion industry in some way or another. Unfortunately I go to school in Oklahoma, which isn’t exactly a hotbed of fashion magazines. What can I do to build my resume while I’m still an undergrad and unable to travel to NYC? I’m interested in learning all I can about fashion in general, and your help is greatly appreciated!


Dear Emily,

I like where your head’s at, and it’s terrific that you know what direction you want to take early in college. You’ll be able to tailor your curriculum to enhance your shining future in fashion journalism!

Despite your geographic location (an excuse of which I find to be very passé indeed, considering the technological mobility that living in 2011 affords us), there is plenty you can do to exercise and develop your writing and style. Launch a monthly fashion newsletter for your school and collect email addresses for subscribers. Practice identifying trends and writing about them by staying extra current on fashion shows and editorial. What is your aesthetic, and how can you channel what you’re seeing in fashion into your own vision and distribute this to your friends?

Start a Tumblr blog and dump everything onto that which visually that inspires you. A visual language will emerge, which can be a reflexive source of inspiration for the future. Write kickers, headlines, and captions for each of your entries to flex your linguistics and eliminate tired euphemisms early. Much of fashion writing is the translation of idiosyncratic concepts into practical application, and how these concepts relate to clothing
No matter your location, there is always someone who has lived in New York City, and usually everyone knows them because they’re the craziest and/or weirdest in town. Latch onto that person and find out who they know, and if they might be friends with any editors or writers that you could intern with in Manhattan after graduation!

Chances are they’re right in front of your nose.


I love this! I mean I live in a place where there aren’t a ton of fashion magazines, and I am so glad that I did start a blog. In my opinion it made my points of view in fashion more solid, and now I know what I like, I know what I don’t, and I know what I would still like to experiment with. Also I think that knowing what you want to do early in collage or even before that is the best thing to do, since you go to collage to polish yourself for your future career, and it would be best if you were certain that whatever it is that you picked is what you really and truly want to do for the rest of your life.

I on the other hand, know what I would like to study I just don’t know where. I have thought about going to the states, but I lived there for 11 years. I want something totally new I want to be nervous and excited at the same time! I WANT EUROPE! The only problem is I just don’t know where in Europe, any suggestions?


  1. Paris or Milan since they are fashion capitols of the world. You'd be right in the center of it all :)
    xx Allie

  2. Have you prayed and asked God where He wants you to be or are you just asking Him to bless the decision that you've already made?


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