Two Years! Two Years!

I cannot begin to process the fact that I made this blog two years ago! Writing on my blog is something that has become such a major part of my life, and I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT! I want to thank every single person who is following my blog! I love when I get new comments they really and truly make my day! I want to know what you guys think if you agree or disagree. I just want to always try to give you guys the best and most up to date material. I want to make you guys actually want to come back because my blog is interesting, and you want to be a part of it! Even if I had 5 readers, if I knew they were constant readers, and that they loved the blog then that would be enough for me! THANK YOU! THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOOO SOOO MUCH! YOU ALL DO ROCK!

Because of yesterday’s post I thought that this was more than appropriate for the situation! I HEART YOU ALL!

P.S. The official anniversary date is the 27 of July, but I totally forgot so better late than never right?

P.P.S. Picture from Tumblr

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