Karl Lagerfeld, Me, and Ugly Children

"The Kaiser told Carine Roitfeld that she’s “lucky” that her daughter is pretty. “It would have been difficult to have an ugly daughter,” he said. Lagerfeld also added that he never decided to raise kids because he’s a man. Maybe that’s a good thing. We love Karl, but we could totally see him putting his kid on a diet at age two"

 This made me laugh when I saw it, I thought the picture was more than appropriate Karl and his mini me. I do agree with the fact that it must be hard to have an ugly child, since in your eyes you might see perfection, but in other peoples eyes they might see the real cruel and ugly truth which is an ugly baby. Although (and this might be a cherry on top for some of you) I have noticed that when babies are ugly as they grow older they morph into amazing looking creatures! In the meantime rejoice that you baby is ugly, and pray that he will outgrow the ugliness fast.


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