What Exactly is Voguepedia?

I had heard about this site before and obviously I knew it had something to do with vogue, but its purpose was still not clear to me.

I got an E mail I don’t really remember when, where it explained this PERFECTLY! Voguepedia is and I quote "the ultimate (and growing) resource that documents the world of fashion in Vogue. Find out everything there is to know about the designers, models, actors, hair stylists, and makeup artists that have made up our pages for more than 100 years"

Did you get that? If not, this is what I understand it’s basically an encyclopedia of everyone and everything that has ever been in vogue, and you can research it.

I went on it today, and researched one of my favorite designers at the moment, JASON WU! I found out so many things I didn’t know about him! For example did you know that he was born in Taipei, Taiwan? Or that his first time in Vogue was in February 2007? OR that he was the creative director for a company that made clothes for dolls?  There are so many things that I did not know about Mr. Wu, but the things that I learned thanks to voguepedia made me admire him even more!

If you ever need information on something regarding fashion I would definitely recommend Voguepedia! It’s AMAZING!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing site! I definitely have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!
    xx Allie


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