Elle Fanning for Marie Claire!

I knew this kid had a great fashion sense! Elle Fanning has this amazing head to toe couture spread in month’s issue of Marie Claire. I love the fact that she is 13, and how she explains that fashion is already such a big and important part of her life. Not only does she have an amazing sense of style, but she is also STUNNING! You can totally see some of her sister Dakota Fanning in her, but ultimately she is a different and BEAUTIFUL person. 

P.S. I never thought those golden Miu Miu shoes could look so amazing, but Elle proofed me so wrong she is WORKING THEM!

P.P.S Pictures from Marie Claire


  1. She's a little stiff at her mouth, but I'll give her a pass cause she's so stunning and just amazing!!


  2. Totally agree with Sam, would love a little more mouth movement but she is seriously gorgeous. And I need those Miu Miu shoes. They are absolutely amazing.

    Haven't seen you round my blog recently :(

    Love Free x

  3. I know Im sorry I have just been super busy, but I will try to go either this wekk or next :)


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