Esquire Got It So Right

I was searching through The Fashionisto for some inspiration; because I hate looking in my closet which is full of clothes and thinking I have nothing to wear! I have noticed that this usually happens when I haven’t been on my blog for a while or I haven’t looked at anything that is fashion related for sometime. I will just look in closet, and want to start crying! Eever since I learned this I always try to look for inspiration and keep my mind and my eyes filled with fashion, and looking for inspiration any where I might go. So that I can lean on things I have seen or come up with a different version of something I liked.

So as looked for inspiration on The Fashionisto I came upon an editorial in the July/August issue of Esquire Spain. It didn’t look very interesting at first, but when I saw this picture I stopped and muttered to myself how utterly perfect it was! Like I would wear this tomorrow if I could! Its just soooo sooo AMAZING! Plus I am totally into the scarf movement right now, the only thing is that mine is A LOT smaller, but oh well I will scour whatever shops I have to, to find the perfect one. Mark my words I shall have an outfit similar to that one! I mean I must it’s simply so perfect for the summer time and more importantly for ME!

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