Needed It

Today was sunny yet cold, and ughhh I didnt want to do anything AT ALL! So I went on my blog, and I actually instantly felt better I browsed through The Band of Outsider's Spring Menswear collection and I have to say I loved some things and then started browsing through the other various fashion websites I go through, and I had no idea what to write about. So I decided to do an "inspirational" post to lift up my wierdly dying spirtis and anybody elses. SOOOOOOO I HOPE IT WORKS :)

P.S. Pictures from The Fashionisto, Tumblr, STREETFSN, Fashion Gone Rogue, and Chicmuse

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  1. Love the inspiration montage. They can be so good when your in a bit of limbo,, and indirectly you can create something new and inspiring. Totally coveting Olivia Palmero's dress too by the way!

    Xxxxx Mazzi


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