So Paris Begins

Paris Men's Fashion Week started yesterday, but Mugler was the only one that showed. I really only liked the shoes of his collection, its not that I think Niccola is a bad designer its just that Mugler is not really my style. Today though, from the collections that were shown my two favorites were Balmain and Louis Vuitton!

Louis Vuitton
I loved this Louis Vuitton collection! (OBVIOSLY) But the main reason why I did so was because Louis Vuitton took preppy/nautical and made it their own, which I love! That is one of the reasons why I love fashion so much, because it is so personal you see something you like or a trend you like and you make it fit your style or your body. I loved the checkered scarves!  I also loved the whites and the navy blues in the collection. So wonderful! Although I must admit that I wasn’t crazy for those sandals, but the collection is so great that I will most gladly look over them and focus on the collection as a whole and not on the little parts I didn’t love. LV you are proving me wrong, when I said I usually didn’t like your collections ….. That’s two in a row that I LOVE!

LOVED .... The scarves, cream colors, and those boots are so AMAZING! That’s coming from a guy that doesn’t really love boots, so you know they really are AMAZING! I also loved the blazers, and the cream colored pants that give this collection a splash of color while softening it just a tad, but not to much to the point that you lose the Balmainyness of the collection. The same goes for the cream colored scarves. All in all GREAT COLLECTION!

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  1. LV is my favorite of the two. Love the blush tones in Balmain's collection especially the pants!
    xx Allie


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