Fashion Spotlight

I usually dont do 'Fashion Spotlights' about bloggers, but I cant contain my love for this blogger's sense of fashion! His name is Filippo Fiora, and he his blog is The Three F. On it he posts pictures of his daily outfits, and I think he has such an amazing sense of fashion! I found out about his blog through LookBook becuase I always loved whatever it was that he posted on there, so I decided to follow his blog, and I have to confess that I usually get very excited to see what kind of ourfit he comes up with. I could describe his fashion sense as timeless and preppy with a twist at times.

What do you think ??? Do you love his style ???

P.S. All pictures from The Three F


  1. Wow, he has amazing style! I love how everything is so tailored.
    xx Allie


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