Gucci is Gold

GUCCI! Was golden! I loved it. It took me back to that picture of Emma Watson where she looked like a modern golden gladiator, just that this time around there were pony tails, big oversized glasses, and skinny cropped pants. I always have to restrain myself whenever I go see a Gucci collection because it is difficult for Frida Giannini to do any wrong in my eyes, she is always right on point and I love it. My favorite outfit has to be the first one, it’s sort of an over the top student, and I would make sure she was my BFF! The golden skirt with pleats is AMAZING! Such a great collection!

P.S. Pictures from Vogue

P.P.S. I usually wait till the whole season is over so then I can make one huge conclusion, but this time I just decided to do the ones I like, although it seems like less work it doesn’t feel like it. Alas I love it so much that I don’t care

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  1. love, love, love this! i love the crisp and clean feeling of these looks. My favorites are the first and second look.
    xx Allie


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