I Do Love Begging’s

I loved the begging of the Paul Smith's 2012 Spring show! I had a feeling I would, because I love how he blurs the lines of menswear and womanswear in his womanswear collections, so obviously if menswear items look great on women how much more awesome are they going to look on men? Thankfully he totally came through and I loved most of the collection. The blues and the oranges are amazing, he didn’t go crazy with the colors and it totally WORKED! I also loved the darker patches on the pants, I usually wouldn’t, but he made it look amazing! The begging and the middle of the collection were amazing, at the end I was a bit lost, and didn’t really love it. Therefore I decided to write about the begging which I loved, don’t you!?


  1. Great post! We love menswear and the incorporation of bright colors here is so well done.


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