Versace for H&M!

I got on blogger today and all I read were people raving about H&M's new collaboration with Versace, and at once I went and looked up whatever I could. I was excited about what I had found, but then I watched a video about the collaboration, and when Donatella said that she wore a piece from the H&M collaboration at her men’s S/S 2012 show yesterday I DIED! I instantly remembered the dress she was talking about! I remembered because I said how much I loved that dress and raved about it to my sister. I am so excited to see what the other pieces will look like, because that dress that she wore yesterday was AMAZING! Since the limited edition collection has 40 pieces I am guessing the possibilities are ENDLESS!           IM OFFICIALLY EXCITED!

Didn’t you love it ??? The limited edition collection will be available to the public from the 17 of November in selected H&M stores

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  1. I'm so excited to see the collection!
    xx Allie


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