When Christopher Met Miuccia

 I am so obsessed with the 2012 Resort Collections! I loved Burberry Prosum's collection, but I loved two things in particular, first off it’s this black and yellow striped pencil skirt. It reminds of Prada's fabulous 2011 Spring/Summer collection its the perfect mixture between Parda and Burberry, I love how it looks with the shirt it’s so AMAZING! The second thing was those giant oversized bags the male models are holding in their hands. I have to say that I like the orange bags handle more than the brown ones handle, but they both look amazing! You can put everything you want/need in there and your friends will worship you when they find out they forgot something, and you have an extra that they can use. Oh yeah that’s how I made all of my friends ;) lol (NOT)

P.S. All pictures from Vogue

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