Gucci is Grand

Frida ... Frida ...Frida. I have grown to love you and your designs so, and this menswear S/S 2012 collection was no exception! Everything was AMAZING, it is most definitely one of my favorite collections from Milan.

This collection was AMAZING! I couldn’t stop squealing and saying OMG over and over again as I watched it online! I am actually not crazy about the bottoms of some of the pants, but everything else is total and complete perfection. The blazers are so impeccable! The shoes are also perfect I have wanted loafers FOREVER, and I think Frida just might have made the perfect pair for me :)


  1. I love how the pants hit right at the ankle and the red lining! If I were a guy I would so wear these suits! My favorite is the maroon colored suit.
    xx Allie


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