Emma Watson For Vogue

OH EMMA! You look amazing, and grown up! And I love it! 
  She is on the cover of Vogue´s July issue, I can’t wait to go to the closest book store, and gawk at the pages of the issue. That is until the store clerk tells me I have to buy it, at that moment I will set it down, leave and wish it was the next day so I could go back and start off right where I last left off. Oh yeah being 16 and broke sucks! Oh well I can still look at these great pictures that are on Vogues website.

 I love that gold number that she is wearing! It’s my favorite one from all the pictures she looks like a modern golden gladiator ... LOVE! I also love the silver shift dress with those beige sandals. I have to say I am glad that Emma has grown up and her style with her! I Heart You and Your Style Emma!

P.S. All pictures from Vogue

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